Anyone else married to someone next to migraine headache?

My wife and I have be together now for 10 years immediately. She's 42 and I'm 45. We have a lovely 7 year old daughter together plus she have a 19 year old daughter from a olden relationship. The toughest thing to treaty with contained by our relationship is my wifes migraine headaches. They hold been more intense since the conception of our 7 year older. She has be on disbility for the last 2 years because she cant work at adjectives due to the severity of the headaches. They (the headaches) own caused her sisters and friends to become distant from her. Its rock-hard to plan any social activity surrounded by advanced since she doesn't know how she will feel from daytime to day. Her primary exactness doctor doesn't know what to do for her and she goes into depression from time to time. She have tried so many different types of medication and treatments with little or no nouns. Currently she is going to a methadone clinic for treatment. This is 7 day a week issue and is taxing on us adjectives. Is anyone else going through the same piece?

Switch primary care Dr.s. There are other ways to contract with migraines. Does she own sinus problems that trigger the migraines? Does she have an autoimmune disease, approaching lupus, that can be a trigger? Have the doctor tried meds like topomax? Does she appropriate a preventative? Is she on too much medication and having echo headaches?

Please contact the Diamond Headach Clinic. They are great at this type of point.
No.. but my dad gets plentifully of headaches..
I desire you and your wife all the best~~
My stepfather get them. Ive had one. My stepfather go to Dr and got special med. he also sits surrounded by very gloom room and places heating wipe or warm cloth on bottom of his d¨Ścolletage. says it help.

I took byndrell sinus headache and slept it off
My sister have had migraine headache since I can remember. She doesn't live with me in a minute (we are both married) but I can tell you that she still lives a full natural life. She is a Legal Assistant (I think it's much more than that, she in fact prepares the cases and presents them to the Attorney so that he can present them in court) and she have 3 lively girls who demand her attention. She purely has to operate with these stupid headache. She went to the Dr something like a year ago and had a CAT Scan and they told her that she have some sort of ruptured vessel or something along those lines and that is what is cause her headaches. Has your wife have any kind of scan done to rule out that possibility? If she does there are treatments out at hand that can lessen the severity (not get rid of) the headache. I know for a couple of years my sister was essentially useless until she went and have that scan done, now she's on meds that in truth help her preserve her mind on things and she can focus on things besides waiting for her next headache. Good Luck to you and your wife and I hope you find something that can comfort you!!
I hate that you are so inconsiderate of your wife's horrible condition and cramp. I had severe migraines as a childish child; they disappeared from my life totally upon becoming pregnant. A migraine totally take you down. I used to lay on my bed in a depressing room and cover my head next to a pillow because the pain be so bad and I couldn't tolerate pale, or sound while have a migraine. Sometimes they lasted for a week at a time. Yes, doctor's are perplexed by migraines. The are immensely debilitating and if you've never have one you just can't envisage the pain, it's indescribable. I perceive so very sorry for your wife. My sister have them as an adult and her doc put her on Topamax which have helped immensely. Her migraines enjoy diminished in level quite a bit. I hope you transmit your wife about this medication if she hasn't already tried it. Tell her to try everything and anything out near, maybe hormones. Sometimes it's a food allergy or a hormone inequality. At any rate, get over yourself that you can't plan anything within advance. Work on helping your wife's condition and stop hunch sorry for yourself. Everyone is just going to pass up on her and let her see alone in her misery? You and her sisters inevitability to be there for her for moral support, there's not much more you can do for her except pick up the loose ends around the home when she is sick. That contained by itself will be a very big back to her. When she is feeling in good health, talk to her in the order of plans and hopefully she will understand that sometimes when she is sick you must fufill some commitments when they involve your infantile daughter. The adults can sacrifice, but hopefully the illness won't be too unyielding on your daughter.

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