Why does my belly digest food so fast?

i had a sandwich at 900 today from sainsbury,
and im adjectives to death right presently,
plus john is eating crisps next to fan on so the smell is blowing towards me,

i drink closely of green tea, is it because of the green tea, why i get hungry two hours after intake.

im not fat im in reality a size 10- 12

Your not eating other.

If you had a cereal breakfast you would not be hungry. I bet your sandwich be white not brown bread as well.

A Sainsburys sandwich is consistent to be overly rich in sugars, saline and fat, so I'm surprised you weren't even more hungry after you ate it, than back.

Drinking green tea during the day won't do you any damage only worthy. I shouldn't drink it in the evening though as it will disturb you sleep a moment or two.
Obviously your digestion is working efficiently nurture your self when you are hungry.
you're lucky, you probably just hold a fast metabolism. Green tea does speed up metabolism i regard as,but its really good for you so i wouldnt verbs about it.
Shame, consult a dietian
You may hold a high metabolism. Some processed foods truly have chemicals/preservatives added to them that are agreed to actually formulate you hungry so that you eat more.
u've get worms in ur tummy, move about and consults a doctor as soon as possible
Im always hungry!!

My boyf think I must have worms! haha

I meditate its just because i love food - I dont munch through alot of junk or unheathly food only just alot of everything else!!

Im luckily a size 8-10 so i think i must enjoy a high metabolism

Both my children hold high metabolisms, they both get through like horses, respectively being 25 and 22 respectively. The thyroid at the bed of the skull has a great deal to do with it. Try to hold it to small amounts when you eat, read aloud, half a sandwich, or partially a cake and spread it out over the day.
Hunger a contraction of stomach and are set to be associated with hunger pang in humans.the piece of equipment of hunger is more complicated, however, and is only incidentally related to the stomach. A permanent status most commonly used to refer to the subjective feelings that guide the need for food; however, the study of this topic have come to include consideration of the overall control of food intake. More specifically, experimental work on the problem of hunger has be concerned with the sensory cues that pass rise to feelings of hunger, the physiological mechanism that determine when and how much food will be ingested, and the mechanism governing the inspection of the food to be eaten.

Food consumption is roughly controlled by the organism's nutritional status. Food deprivation leads to drinking, and the ingestion of food materials terminates hunger sensations. The issues are to determine which physiological processes alter quantitatively with nutritional status, and to find out if these change can be detected by the nervous system within a manner that would instigate and stop midstream food consumption
high metabolism which is apt though.
you are lucky you burn of food easily.i wouldnt verbs about it.chomp through when your hungry.

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