Anyone have their gallbladder removed?

If yes, how many stones did you enjoy and do you still have any pains, hold to eat reliable foods etc? tell me adjectives folks lol

Yes. I had over 10 stones when they did the ultrasound, but when they eventually operate on me only one be left and it be the size of my gall-bladder. The pain at ratification a stone is horrific. I was hallucinating next to the pain. I couldn't drink at all, I lost 6 stone within 3 months and the surgeon told me after the op that I would have have only 2 weeks to live if they hadn't operate. I looked anorexic, and a lot of my friends thought I be. My GP at the time forgot to put in an emergency referall. Bugger nearly kill me.
Now I can't eat cucumber, bananas, fatty food etc because of reflux. I enjoy started eating some spicy food, but I do settle for in then.
Oh and I often throw up excess bile within the back of my throat. Horrid and gross.
I have mine removed as an outpatient in 2002. I hold no idea how plentiful there may hold been, just that they or it was to full-size to pass. They are extremely bleeding. It is good to avoid fatty foods after have your gall bladder removed because you no longer can digest fat. They tend to do bad things to a individual with no impudence bladder no---lol, just the truth.
I haven't intuitively - although I was booked contained by for the operation but managed to avoid it by dramatically on an upward curve my diet and lifestyle - a much better thing to do than below go surgery me think!! I still have to keep watch on my diet though but all the strain is gone.

My grandma had hers removed a few years ago - it be a tiny operation done by keyhole surgery and she has be absolutely fine since.
I have my gall bladder removed something like 12 years ago.Also took my appendix out at the same time. Did not own stones that I know of, it was the bladder be infected.I was not competent to have keyhole surgery so have a laparotomy,which means cut from top to bottom . I be in hospital for a week and It took me around a month to be reasonably fit again. I hold not followed any diets or needed any medication. I have have tummy pains,like a sharp tear sensation, apparently these are quite run of the mill after major abdominal surgery and are call adhesion's/ It is the growth of scar tissue ar the site of the wound and in a minute and again the scar tissue attaches to a muscle and can be uncomfortable. It usually sorts itself out over two or three weeks.No generally speaking I enjoy no after effects at all. A PS , Your body still produces brass neck in your liver and which forms element of the digestive process. The gall bladder is purely a storage vessel for the impudence produced and is released into your stomach when you eat,and is largely involved surrounded by the digestion of fats. After your bladder is removed, brass neck is still is present to form part of your digestion, but does not grasp the surge which the gall bladder supplies. The nerve bladder is not an essential organ, I was not told to restrict my diet contained by any way. though I recognize some people restrict their flabby intake.It might be that I am a relatively slim person and not overweight.
No, but I am waiting to hold this operation, I already have have some stones removed, as they caused my bile duct to become blocked and both become infected, don't know how many stones be involved tough, but extremely painful indeed.
not me LOL

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