Am I overweight? If I am, any recommendation?

I am 11 years old (turning 12 subsequent month) and I weigh about 99-101 pounds, Am I really obese or overwight? whenever I bend down, my stomach wrinkles and my 10 year old clothes be aware of a bit tight,

you're still young, you're body will still tweaking - but... just keep hold of eating in shape, stay away from too much junk food- no snacks up to that time bed time :) and stay active so when you do get hold of older you won't gain cargo and keep it. :)
depends on how soaring you are, but no that sounds about right.
ably it depends how tall you are.
you call for some exercise. get an ab roller
you do nouns a little chubby. Try not drinking any food for a week or 2.
how tall are u because if ur similar to five foot that is ok
don't verbs. 65% of people contained by US are overweight.
you sound fine if you be like 200 lbs i would be concerned.
you are NOT overweight. dont even meditate this way. you are almost 12 and nouns like you ar ein dutiful shape. make sure to get through heathly foods drink milk and water no soda and you will never hold a wieght problem stay active even if its only just taking a walk everyday you are FINE savour your summer
The ideal elevation for your weight is 4'10" to 5'. If your taller than 5 foot then you are underweight. If shorter than around 4'8" you may be over weight. I denpends on the amoun of muscle you take. To burn calories without over dieting try tallying some weight training to your routine.
No! You aren't overweight! I am 11 also and I opening more than you! (But I am really tall). I you really think you might be, embezzle a BMI. I think you are fine, though.
no no no my friend is within the same boat your contained by she thinks shes podginess and when she works out with me at existence &fittness she works herself so hard she almost faint from fatuige im trying to stop her but dont be like her be proud of who you are but dont sit surrounded by front of the tv and eat potatos adjectives day

U don't mention your stage, but by the "wrinkles" on your stomach, you may be fat.

A fundamentally simple piece of advice: No situation what your diet is, try to get into the mannerism of eating profusely, whatever you want, solitary for breakfast. Eat less for dinner and MUCH smaller amount for supper. People who eat closely before going to bed, are usually overweight those, no matter how much exercise they do, or how low-fat their diet is. See, at hours of darkness you don't need as heaps calories as you need them during the daylight, when your body temperature is rising and your horizontal of activity is much complex.

Finally, try eating more fruit and vegetables, between meal, instead of junk food and sodas.

If you do that, I guarantee you will lose the excess cargo you might have. I did!
Age and cargo aren't necessarily related. If you are tall, consequently 100 is possibly right. We need your height above sea level to determine proper weight.

However, a road to check is not how your clothes from last year perceive (you are growing, and at your age, usually quite a bit.)

What is more essential right now is that you are sound. Many people at your age are "slightly overweight" near baby lubricant, but start to grow out of it soon.

Just make sure you are intake right, and exercising. A person your age requirements plenty of exercise and activity.
No, you are not* overweight, I am 11 turnning 12 this January and I am 149 lbs. I am 5'6. I took a quiz and it said I am at a sound weight for my elevation,so if I am okay so are you- heck, you would still be fine if you gained 10-15 pounds!

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