Any accepted wisdom???

Guys I am really stressed out at this point and have no theory what to do. I really don't want to go through the complete story. It would take method to long. But what do you do to relieve major stress?

Bubble hip bath and feel dutiful music (shut the world away and relax for an hour or so). Then get surrounded by your pj's and watch a be aware of good movie. After a night's rest, go and get up in the morning and take home a list of adjectives the things that are stressing you out and note whether they're not worth worrying roughly speaking or if there is some behaviour you can take to clear them stale your list.
Swing on a swing and listen to the birds.
Go for a drive surrounded by the country.
Go fishing in a hush lake.
Go swimming at a coast.
Take a hot shower or bath.
Make a bonfire and keep under surveillance the flames, it is kind of mesmerizing.
Go for a pace.
go find a man,,, or,,,,, hand over you a hand,,,,,,,,,,,,also you can use a toy ,,,,,,,, and if you dont really want it , ,,,,,smoke a marry or call me.
running is a great process to relieve stress...multiple studies have shown that running take your mind off your seize your ipod and running shoes and just progress...even if you hate running, try to zone out beside you loud music..also make sure that you own up tempo music that gets you are some songs:

return with the party started- pink
never again- kelly clarkson
burn this city- cartel
the great escape- boys similar to girls
tell me what you want- the spice girls

breathing really strongly is also a great way to relieve stress! or writing down adjectives of your feeling surrounded by a journal...set a timer for 5 minutes and write as swift as you possible should not be worried about spelling or grammer or anything, and your pen should never stop a short time ago write anything that comes into your works sooooo well!!

i hope you surface better!! :)

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