14 year weak minister to!?

i am 14 years old and haven't have a boyfriend yet and i really want one! Any suggestions on how to find one?

lets see
even though you want one..dont settle for smaller quantity!
im in like situation you are, be yourself! you will find someone just as amazing as you are!
it doesnt really event. if you feel urged to hold one, then I don`t know your wrong or its just peer pressure. they lately end up somehow breaking your heart.
Wait until you find someone you really approaching. Then ask this question, single in a more fully grown fashion. You don't hold a boyfriend just for the sake of have a boyfriend.

You're asking this question close to a 4 year old that desperately requirements a puppy.

You have the rest of your existence. Wait until you at least draw together a guy that you like.

And at your age, most guys don't want to be within a serious relationship, not for the right reasons anyway.
Hunny slow down.. here is nothing wrong roughly speaking not having a bf at that age. Why surrounded by the world would you want one now anyway.. you enjoy plenty of time to be worrying about that.. trust me it bring all complicated after that..

Just soak up hanging out beside your friends and your time. bf's will come and go.. when the time is right he will come along
Take it easy-your to babyish for a boyfriend >just settle near having boy-friends for in a minute.When the time is right you will have a boyfriend but for very soon enjoy your youth.
boys other end up breaking ur heart. they are nil but a hassle. wait a year or two. someone will come along. but if u really want one in a minute wat u need to do is find someone u really resembling and get to know them. grasp close to them. then in recent times like ask them do u wanna be something more than basically friends?? thats how me and my bf of a year got together. it usually works. it a moment ago takes time.
desprete much??

u dont entail one
i'm a 14 year old girl too& i haven't have a real boyfriend any in reality i haven't even gone out with anyone since 6th grade& i've have crushes but i've come to the conclusion no matter how lots friends have boyfriends i wanna linger until i find someone special!!

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