Are my intake customs commonplace?

i am 13 years old and am almost 5 feet 6" and i weigh give or take a few 95 pounds. i personally feel that im a good substance but for some reason i regard as i need to lose alittle more. i enjoy normal meal but don't eat as much as some empire. when im around my friends i tend to eat more because i dont want them to reflect im weird or somthing. my sister have noticed me doing this. two of my friends construe that im anerixoc. i think it be very mingy for them to say that but i don't know if i am or not. assist please??

You should go to your doctor and receive a general check-up. Nobody else know your healthy resembling you or your doctor. If you doctor says you're fine, next you're fine. Some people are only skinny, and some are jealous. :-) But absolutely go to your doctor to capture a general wellness check-up!
progress to your mom and tell her just about it and 95 is to skinny for an 13 year old u should wiegh at leat 105 and ur the right hiegh lol hope that help!
Well, you are definitely underweight. If you ponder you could lose fat, afterwards you are at risk of developing an eating disorder. You might want to settle to your parents about this. I am 4 inches shorter than you, and I weigh 120 pounds. I am within no means margarine. I exercise, was a bit of my school track squad, and I eat hearty.
Dear you are quiet middle-of-the-road! Please check the following site for better understanding of diet and fitness. Be satisfied!
You are very underweight. You entail to start eating more. A on top form weight for you would be around 120lbs. I hope that you start taking better thinking of yourself.
If you are 5'6" and weigh 95 pounds, you are underweight. That makes your Body Mass Index 15.3.

A average BMI is 18.5 to 24.5. Anything under 18.5 is considered underweight. you should try to conquer a healthy weightiness of 114.5 (which would put you at 18.5 BMI).

As for not eating as much as some empire, most people tend to get through more than a serving. If you are full, I would not worry almost it.

You should probably talk to your parents just about seeing a doctor to determine the best way to receive you up to a healthy freight. He/she may determine that you need nil now and that you will gain solidity as your body matures. But it never hurts to wish professional advice.

Good luck to you!

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