Anxiety and trying to get to the doctor?

I've been taking a certain med for asthma which has caused me some anxiety problems and in the last week it has gotten a lot worse. I stopped taking the meds monday night so I was hoping the affect it had been having on me would lessen but it hasn't at all. Well today I am feeling really crappy from last night when I had a huge anxiety attack that lasted too long from being in a crowded theatre to see harry potter. Well, I really want to at least talk to my doctor on the phone to see if she can change my meds and how long the anxiety will last, but I don't know if it is a mix of anxiety and the start of my period but I just get the urge to cry everytime I think of it and freak out. I called my mom earlier and even started bawling. How can I calm down so I can call my doctor and get some help? I really don't want to be bawling on the phone while I am talking to my doctor or nurse, I've never experienced anything like this and just want it to stop.

I'm so sorry. Anxiety attacks are the worst. I have them too sometimes, while driving. Here is what works for me:
1.) I try to focus on something else, the beach, mountains or a peaceful lake.. or whatever relaxes you.
2.) Take a deep breath in and count to 5. Exhale and count to 5. Keep the breath pushed out on a count to 5. Just keep doing this until you feel more calm.
You will be fine. the panic attacks pass when you realize that is all it is and it will go away.
Please call your Dr. I wish you well.

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