Are bananas honest for Cramps?

my friend was told that bananas are suitable for cramps. I was wondering if that be true. and if it is true why are bananas good for cramps?

Yep, sure can. Anything rich surrounded by potassium can help out near cramps. That's why track runners and other sports players can be seen drinking bananas before or after games. They can alieviate or even prevent cramps.

Also, sorta related, if you ever hold food poisioning or any other illness contained by which you throw up a lot, try (if you can achieve it down and keep it down) to devour a banana or something else rich in potassium. When you vomit excessively, you lose potassium which is potentially harmful and can cause you to hold muscle spasms.
i don't know why but yeah they are they ease the misery a little
Bananas are a right source of folic acid as ably as phosphorus, both which help beside muscle contractions.

BUT...some people's digestive systems can't handle too much of this fruit, it IS a bit on the calorie-side, and I don't guess I;ve ever read anywhere that lists the amount of bananas you obligation to eat.
They hold potasium in them which help the elctrolite cross over into the muscle
Bananas are rich in potassium. Sometimes shortage of potassium contained by diet cause leg cramps. In that overnight case it can help.
yup-yup, and they are also apt for a nice facial mask!

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