Could this effect vigour problems?

In my part of the world it's 7 a.m. and I haven't be asleep yet. I'm simply not tired. I never get much body runs best on a short time ago a few hours, if that even. I've been this passageway for years...

I'm a seemingly healthy individual, but could my sleeping patterns effect trouble down the road (I'm only 18)? It's never bothered me so I've never have it checked out...I know it's not normal though.

Answers:    I wouldn't verbs unless you are feeling unwell. People necessitate different amounts of sleep. The UK's first lady prime minister be renowned for only have a few hours sleep per night - and it didn't do her any injure (she's now contained by her 80's). Some people entail lots (like me) and other not so much, so don't worry unless you discern unwell with it
sweetie please see a dr and here what he/she say about you not sleeping

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