Anemia blood theory test?

Hello, I had a blood experiment done to determine if I had anemia...I be wondering what would be some indications for the doctor to have me pinch a blood test for this? I'm a decent female within my 20's..Thanks!

It may be just a screening entry...young women tend to bring back anemic because we lose blood every month. Also, those of us in our 20s dont other eat the best of diets and so may not be getting the iron we want. If you have be tired, are a vegetarian, or own frequent or heavy period then these would be indications for an anemia try-out, but screening is also very possible. Good luck!
ambience of weakness, no force, pale contained by color are some of the indications. heavy period, also
It's common for women surrounded by their childbearing years to be anemic, so just you human being a 20something woman would be an indication to test for it.
Fatigue, inadequacy, bleeding
An anemia test is going to communicate the amount of Iron in your blood. It is greatly common for young at heart girls to have anemia due to within cycles. I have anemia also and I am also 20. a moment ago relax.

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