ALLI - the unusual wonder drug.?

Has anyone tried this yet and if so, what hold been your results? Please one and only answer if you've had an experience beside it.

I've been taking it since the hours of daylight it came out. Just breed sure that if you take the pill and devour a fattening meal (bring a transmutation of clothes w/ you). Seriously! I know it's gross but they are not joking when they confer about "treatment effects" which I telephone call (side effects). I work with a girl who took a pill and ate a feast from McDonalds, she ended up have to change her clothes. Other than that I hold lost at least 2 pounds so far. It's a particularly gradual process which you have to supply it some time to work. I wouldn't call adjectives of my meals "low-fat" but I hold cut back for a while while taking the medicine. I feel it is something where you do enjoy to "commit" to it to see results. Good luck to you! :-)
I work in the pharmacy at Walgreens where on earth it is being sold and I WOULD NOT recommend it. It vitally prevents your body from absorbing fat, so the principal side effects are loose, uncontrollable stools and gas beside oily discharge. Unless you want to wear a diaper when you're on it, I push for against it.

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