Contact Lenses... waste me?

I just get contacts on friday I'm super excited, but I can't put them in! At the eye doctor, she made sure I could draw from them in and out. Now that I'm home, I can't do it! My right eye is easiest, it sucks right on, and is unproblematic to get out as all right. My left eye, is so sturdy, it takes me almost an hour to draw from my left contact contained by. Sometimes, my eye twitches, and it falls or other stupid things. For some reason, if the threshold of the lens touches a certain cut of my eye, I gag a little. Why would I do that? Taking it out of that eye is like peas in a pod way, when it truly get contained by, it stays in! They are also a 12 hour lens, Dailies, and around the ninth hour, they capture kind of sticky and peely, close to they are going to come off. Does this suggest I need eye drops? My dad have contacts too, and he says Dailies are a terrifically bad contact, and that I should receive the Night and Day 30-day lens. My eye doctor says that I shouldn't go and get a contact for 30 days. Who do I believe?? Now I think I should only just go spinal column to glasses:(

First...It sounds close to you really want(ed) to wear the contact lenses. They're very tricky though and it can hold some getting used to.

If you were successful inserting them into your eye at the Dr's organization there is no object why you can't have nouns at home!

First - relax! Your body will tense if you don't relax - making it even harder for to succeed surrounded by putting the lens in.

The gag...could just be some getting used to - you are putting something foreign contained by your eye.

As for the right eye being easier than the disappeared - are you a rightie or a leftie? It's sometimes more natural for you to use your right foot...thus making it easier to put the contact into the right eye.

Usually your contact lenses won't come "off" of your eye - even after they begin to win dry and sticky.

What I would caution you on is how long you are wearing the day after day wear contacts. Yes...they can be worn for up to 12 hours - but is this your first attempt with contacts? Usually the physician will recommend a wearing calendar - to allow your eyes to get used to wearing the contacts for extended period of time. Start out at around 3-4, increasing by 2 hour increments but wearing them no longer than 12 hours at a time.

Yes...if the contacts are dry you should consider re-wetting drops - not eye drops. Eyedrops, such as visine aren't going to wet the lense, which is what you stipulation.

Daily wear contact lenses have their advantages - usually recommended for younger inhabitants who are just starting to wear contacts. They are expected to be worn once - then discarded. No cleaning, no storage etc. This make them much healthier for the eyes as economically.

Night and Day contacts are can wear them for up to 30 days without taking them out. I instinctively have never care for them because they make my eyes totally dry.

If you are unhappy near the lenses, for any reason, you inevitability to speak with your optometrist! She/he can evaluate what's going on and take home recommendations.

If you're serious just about wearing the contacts - it will happen, instinctively.

I personally recommend wearing the Acuvue Oasys! They are a fantastic soft brand and I discern have the most oxygen content - although I believe the Night and Days enjoy been proven to allow more oxygen through the lens.

You stipulation to talk near your optometrist about what's best for you. Don't confer up...wearing contacts is great!

Good Luck!
You should not get the 30 days if your doc doens't recommend it as you can be more prone to eye infections. Since you are have such trouble with them you obligation to go posterior to the eye docs and get more instructions and ask them adjectives the questions you asked here etc. Obviously they didn't endow with you enough instructions.
Your eye doctor is the expert - but Dad have a point. Let your eyes rest for a while and see if your eye doctor can give you the monthlies, so you won't hold these problems. Also, it does sound similar to you need to use re-wetting solution or artificial tears while you're wearing them. Your eyes aren't used to the "intrusion" all the same and fighting to take them in and out every morning just irritates the eye and can mark your corneas. Talk to the eye doctor, pronto! Good luck!
I had a problem too the first time I put them on.Be sure they are not backwards or they will slide up and down your eye.
You'll gain used to them,it may time.
your troubles are perfectly commonplace. i use to have impossible to tell apart problem wiht my left eye. a moment ago keep practicing. or use your moved out hand when putting surrounded by ur left lense. also, lenses dry up speedy if you don't get them surrounded by ur eye right away. your left lense probably get dry while you where spending an hour trying to put it contained by ur eye. what you should do with ur gone lense, is try to put it in your eye and if after 5min you didn't get by, then soak it within solution for 10 min then try again... and so on. eventually you'll capture good at it. and pretty soon you'll be capable of put in your contacts really confidently.
don't worry, practice, practice, practice
okay i've be a contact lens wearer for 5 years and this is my guidance to you.

you're right handed that's why the right one go in graceful for you the left one will other be a bit trickier but if you buy a make up mirror (say a 6" round one near a stand) that magnifies 10x or 20x it will variety things easier for you.

my contacts are the 2 week ones meaning you can go off them in for up to 12 hours next wash them and put them surrounded by their case and put them posterior in contained by the morning and you can do this around 14 times.

to get the lens within hold your eye lid open near your pointer finger and your middle finger have the lens on the in front of hand on the tip of the pointer finger stare straight ahead and pop er contained by.

i don't recommend the overnights they're overrated and you can easily ruin the eye because they can bring back dried out and because they absorb the moisture on the surface of the eye.

if your eyes attain a sticky feeling when you wear the lenses filch them out and use some lens cleaner on them because they're getting a build up of calcium on them.

listen to your optometrist and don't be afraid to ask them any questions you might hold ... they went to college for this your dad didnt.
give yourself some more time to attain use to your can be difficult to get used to putting them within and out...your eyes are getting used to the contacts being contained by, that's why they are dry after 9 hours...try gradually building up to wearing them that long...believe your eye doctor, for your eye robustness, your cornea health, some MDs don't recommend going away your contacts in hours of darkness and day...impart the contacts a few weeks, I bet things will get easier for your MD if you are still have problems after that...
As a matter of certainty I am in the remarkably same predicament myself with my hot and first contacts...I can neither put them on nor take them out.Thus i consistency you should try out what your dad recommends and consequently take an informed result based on how you surface both in your eye..hope you work everything out..
It's be almost 20 years, but I can still remember the agony I went through the first week of wearing contacts! It can be tricky getting yourself to relax satisfactory to put contacts it. Once they're in, you're constantly aware of them rubbing your eyes.

But don't verbs. Just keep practicing. You'll numeral out the best way for you to take them in and out. I don't even stipulation a mirror anymore. You'll also develop a callus on your eye so you won't notice it anymore. I've be known to forget to thieve mine out once in a while.

My method be to look in the mirror at my eye, not at the contact, and focus on keeping my eye start. Then slowly bring the contact to your eye - don't look at the contact. Try to notice what you're doing contained by the mirror without directly looking at it. It's considerate of like you're putting it contained by someone else's eye.

I tend to have dry eyes so I don't wear 30-day lenses. I'd listen to your doctor. He's the pro. You may hold to buy a trial pair of 30-day lenses if that's what you want to wear. For other's (dailys or two-week disposables), frequently the doc will basically give you a double act to try out. Everyone's eyes are different, so don't expect the same contact lense that fits your dad to fit you a short time ago as comfortably.

Good luck.

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