My little cousin can’t wear sunscreen…?

Okay, my little cousin is about 3-4 years frail, because he burns when he goes into the sun we put sun peak on him. But when we did he broke out into a rash where on earth we put the sunscreen.
We have tried every type of sun blind that is out near, even the ones for babies. He still breaks out into a rash.

Has any one have this happen to them, or someone they know?
What can you do besides, hold on to him covered?
Should we talk to a doctor?

YES you should make conversation to a doctor. Sounds like he is not solitary allergic to the sun but apparently has issues beside the sun screen. He can thieve medicine out loud that will help him
walk to a doctor, but this lady i know is allergic to sunscreen as ably and I can't remember what she has to use, any noxema or an avon brand but noxema sticks in my leader, it will make you white though as it doenst hold all them chemicals within there
He could be allergic to sure types. Try sunscreen that is "PABA-Free"
Yes, pilfer him to the doctor. He could be allergic to the sunscreen, allergic to the sun, or getting overheated by the sun because the sunblock is clogging his pores.

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