A lot of murders just this minute.pepper spray or ?

where i live...within the uk.pepper spray illegal and body alarms may be usuless if nobody is around...
what can i hold to protect myself as i sometimes need to amble alone where they enjoy happened

Pepper spray isn't that significant, because the perpetrator can so easily get hold of it and use it on you. When walking alone. Keep your eyes open. Take within the people around you. If a creature passes you on the street, turn around and brand sure you know where they've gone. When exiting stores, your saloon keys are your best friends. Stabbing within the face and collar is the most effective when man attacked. Remember, a perpetrator chooses an occupied target. Don't be talking on the phone, or reading while you bearing. Carry your purse over your shoulder, with one mitt on the strap. Look everyone in the eyes, showing them that you're confident and not skinny.
Keep a gun in your house if it's permitted there. You could also pass a pocket knife beside you-I think that would be fine.
A stick, and garlic.
Carry a loud megaphone and oven spray does the same as pepper spray but trial, don't walk alone any.
purchase a small stunner. they are battery operate and you can carry them surrounded by your hand. if someone comes upon you, turn it on and hit their body anywhere near it, it will shock them and send them to the ground long satisfactory for you to run away. good luck, be protected.
move t the isle of man, its well not dangerous, nothin bad just ever happens, u could dance out and leave your front door unambiguous all light of day and it would be fine
Stay indoors and do housework. Actually, young guys are the most important victims of violence. I don't know how hoary you are, but your choices are limited. Rotweiler? Stop reading the damned papers.
The problem is that anything you pass can potentially be used against you. Best bet is to take a self defense class to cram to protect yourself and try not to travel alone, especially after dark and other be aware of your surroundings and walk near confidence and sense of purpose. Cross the street or avoid anybody you don't like the look of - don't verbs about offending culture. Always walk contained by shoes that are easy to move and run surrounded by. Give an attacker your purse or anything they want and fight and screech like crazy to avoid mortal pushed into a vehicle - never get surrounded by a vehicle if you can help it - even if they own weapon - your odds of survival are better even if you acquire hurt fighting support. Attackers don't like victims that scuffle back and won't pick ones that look close to they'll put up a fight. Attitude really does situation.
spray oven cleaner in the eyes is upright...just examine you spray it in the right direction. Amonia contained by a water pistol is also extraordinarily effective..same advocate applies.
The best defense you have is to consent to someone know where you are going to be and around what time you should be getting home. Safety contained by numbers has other been polite. However, nothing is full proof within preventing you from being a object. Martial art classes and self defense courses are a good notion. Once again though I must point out, unless you practice these skills as a real life span situation and repeatedly they are useless and a waste of your time. Most militaristic arts classes and defense courses do not offer nation to actually "attack" you. Thus you will never know if the moves will work within real attack situations. As for ordnance, whatever weapon you choose you own to be able to go and get to it quickly, and as pointed out contained by a previous answer your perp also has access to a weapon if they didn't enjoy one before. Also you should be trained contained by how to use the weapon.

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