A red bubble on the inside of my lower eyelid?

near my hole duct and it really itches what is it?

A sty is caused when germs gets trapped inside the gash duct or in an eyelash follicle. For the most chunk, they are harmless, but do not touch it or itch your eye to check the spread of germs. Try to gently verbs the area next to a q-tip and warm hose down to help clear the sty. You can also apply a heat compress to your eye to help speed up to medicinal process. Do not wear any eye makeup.

The help prevent stys, remember to rinse out your hands previously rubbing you eye or before any other contact. Also kind sure to throw away make-up to be precise older than 6 months to avoid microbes spreading into your eye.
It's Called A STY...I'm Not Sure If That Is How u Spell It But That Is Pretty Much What it is..
i had that beforehand.

friend said something just probably bit you.

if its serious ring up a doctor
It sounds like a sty to me; it's an infection of a fuzz follicle. It would be a good impression to go to your doctor and gain antibiotic eyedrops to treat it; they can become very throbbing if left untreated.
it's a sty most predictable. more than likely it will start to hurt. mop up it regularly with child shampoo and warm hose. if it gets too discouraging, put warm compresses on it several times a afternoon for 10 or minutes at a time. if it doesn't get better, turn to a physician.
Do you wear contact lenses? New lense wearer or switch to the wear all the time for a week later toss? If this is so you may have GPC. It in recent times means you are allergic to the lenses. Switch to each day disposables and ask eye doctor about over-the-counter antihistamine eye drops.
That is a sty.use hot compresses on it and bring ibuprofen, to help near the pain and swelling.ibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory...

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