Are Nurse Practitioners worthless?

I've seen two different NPs twice for two different problems, and both times they've prescribed a course of treatment that I be later told by different doctors (both immensely good) wasn't right. I understand that worthless is a rough term, and that generalize usually leads to incorrect conclusions, but seriously, have anyone ever had a flawless experience with a NP?

Worthless is manifestly a harsh permanent status - but I understand the frustration. The actuality though is that even physicians will disagree with the course of treatment from time to time. A N.P. is commonly very adept of handling basic matter - and are currently being employed by more and more medical services on the grounds that it is more cost efficient. Luckily however, pills is a field surrounded by which differing concept and research lead to better treatment. I speak positive something like N.Ps because they contribute significantly to functionality of our clinic - and overall score extremely high on tolerant satisfaction surveys. Hope you own a better experience next time,
Whoa that is to say pretty crude. Well, I think it depends on what you be being treated for. Anything beside skin, stomach or hair is a tricky business.
Just to clue folks within, docs aren't really all that appreciative of nurses, and if they hold a bit more education, resourcefully let's just say aloud, YOU better know what you're talking in the order of or you're going to be bashed. I would approaching to ask you more questions.

What I would resembling to know is, why weren't the two docs not seen 1st instead of the NPs? I take that it could be the good 'ole insurance companies relating you that you need to see a NP first. Doesn't seem to be to have help your situation, and I'm, truly sorry for that. (OK here's my senseless plug that Americans must vote to change how things are man done)

Just trust that NP are highly learned. You can always ask question, do the research (we all know you own a computer) and go surrounded by being learned.

Just my 2 cents.
Yeap sure have I hold more confidence with them than doctors the ones I enjoy had took time to address and explain what could or could not be causing my problem.Doctors can and do stretch out treatment so that they can bill you or insurance co.more. N/P;s and P/A's do a hell of a opportunity I cant say anything refusal about them.

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