A poem? what do you focus?

If you can understand it, especially the end line, afterwards congrats, coz i think it make no sense - particularly the ultimate line - made sense to me afterwards after writing it i realised that actually it didn't. but i don't know what to devolution it to.

The line be drawn,
You ignored it,
So i replaced it sevenfold upon me.
Strawberry gash bleed me,
A scarlet map of pain.

Find the lines,
Find my vein,
Then cut them with my discomfort.
Red emotion dripping out
Blood and tears mix again.
That's adjectives i'm worth, this pain.

Slicing flesh
And shredding heart,
This blackened hell's torn me apart.
But there's beauty contained by this pain,
Poppies flower at wounds again.

I love it!...
Alot of relatives dont understand these sort of things but this poem go deep into the explanation!...The method the words express the feelings take the attention and the emotions of the reader...
And as for the finishing line it does construct sense...It enlightens the ending of the poem within a strange way!
Great poet!...
And i would only just like to read aloud that the people who sticky label "self-harmers" as attention seekers are ignorant and extremely come to a point minded...These are the people that society shouldnt enjoy time for...
Take care x Stay out of danger :)
i luv it ooohhh its superb xxxxxxxxx
yeah that confuses me.
i think it's so cool~
so metaphorically written!
I conjecture it's depressing.
What's with adjectives the poems about slicing yourselves?
i love your poem ,, <3.
It is great. A little terrifying, but if that was what you looked-for you accomplished it. You nouns a little resembling Edgar Allan Poe.
You lost me at sevenfold..
Gosh! Are u ok???
I like it but i'm not sure if i gain it!
the person tried to offer a warning but next they were hurt anyway. they have to be hurt to cleanse themselves of the past. cheerfulness can come from the lessons they revise from pain.
interesting poem. did you write it?
it is so appropriate you should send me more pome repeatedly because i like them.
- -
- -- -
this is comparatively a beautiful poem n i estimate u must get it published
i notify u, people who do not take in your emotions are complete idiots and nil else
hmm...interesting...it reminds me of cutting. The society who use razor blades to cut vein in their wrists. Supposedly, they do this because their lives discern so empty and meaningless anguish is the only item they have to remind themselves that they are alive. So they would see allure in spasm...that's all I get.
Skin heals to wound again.
I'm not exactly sure what the query is, but think you are an excellent poet and I hidden it completely{I should I started a writing club}if you don't know what it means freshly think nearly the true, deeper meaning, what is the poem more or less and how is it all tied within. It is definatley a great poem.
sounds a bit cleche
It's alright. Lots of references to red, scarlet, gash, bleed, and discomfort though!!
i like it. if this reflect your own feelings i hope writing help you overcome pain you hold :)
i always find it help xx
Poppies flower are used to make herion drug of choice for depressed ancestors
most ppl who cut themselves r attention seekers,
there r plentiful ppl out there beside real probs. get no time or attention to give to attention seekers
die melodiously please
the poem is defiantly contained by the Edger Alan Poe side of things. The last sentence as you enjoy sad does not moderately work for the end. What if you said for spasm is replaced with serenity, peace.

Something simple and to the point.

In this day an age in attendance are so many kids and adults that cut to stow there headache and emotions (or to settlement with them), When you write ruminate about whom you are going to touch beside your writing. Bring all of yourself and others around you surrounded by to what you are trying to say. I feel you will come up with a two sided poem. You enjoy a lot of talent.

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