Am I attractive?

The pictures are on myspace, so you'll have to log within.

You are very attractive. You own a nice shape and beautiful features! With the right makeup, you could be even better! It looks as if you hold brown eyes in your picture. Try playing next to purple eyeshadow/liner. That will make your eyes POP! If you use a nice peach blush, you will diction your high cheekbones even more and after just a pink lipstick will verbs the whole entry together. Yes though, you are very pretty.
You're cuter than me~!
Your charming.
Yes, i love both of the pics...
Yur hot
I am resticted from myspace, but I would say yes because most girls who ask if they are attractive usually are. I bet you are pretty damn cute.
ye your pretty.
I focus you are very pretty.
ur really pretty! i love your dress :)
whats the difference between a red guide and a brick?
bricks get laid lol he get it
yes sexy sexy
Yes, you're gorgeous. Hot. No, you are oh-my-God breathtaking. I'm not a lesbian, but if I were ever going to transmute. . . You redefine beauty. You are the end-all, be-all of impulsive 21st century sexy.

Get a life.
You're ok. You could use rather sun. Other than that I think you are cute.
Don't even verbs about that everyone is exquisite in their own channel.
yeah, ur pretty.
Being attractive is so much more than what you look like within a picture. To be attractive, you should love yourself inside and out and be good to those around you. If you are as correct inside as you are outside, then you are attractive.
you look similar to you're 11 yrs old. be in motion ride your bike.
i think you are especially beautiful you did not enjoy to ask that but you have a gorgeous complexion, and you enjoy a nice body. great job! yes you are fundamentally attractive.
u r sexy. i love redheads.

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