Anxiety attacks?

i spoke to my doctor, n she told me to 2 go 2 a counselor , but thy havent call me back on the other scared to pilfer im worried of everything, and alwayz jumpy, i even cry because of these attacks..i dunno wut else 2 to..sum dayz im fine, n other days i totally freak out

Learn how to do philosophical brething. It really works.

Take a deep breath through your trunk.
Hold it for a count of ten and slowly blow it out your mouth.

This will relax you. Try it.
Did your dr. prescribe something for you? There are lots of medications that would oblige you if you would try. I understand how you have a feeling. I'm always rather uneasy taking a new medication. If you hold medicine for the anxiety later take one of the pills contained by the morning when you eat your breakfast. You'll be awake during the hours of daylight so you'll know if you have a response. It will take a couple of weeks for you to sense a difference so don't give up. Keep taking them every time like the doctor prescribed. You will touch normal once they take in your system. Also, try to spend a bit time out in the sun. You may not be absorbing satisfactory seratonin. You'll get that from the sun.
I expect you are single minus a support group.

Bets bet is to try join a club of family with shared interests.

Watch out for reason that could cause the anxiety though, olden trauma, bad neighbours, bully at work, husbands and boyfriends, enemy etc.

Some illnesses and injuries could conceivably cause anxiety.

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