Anybody in Radiology and do MRI's?

I had an MRI of the brain done a week ago and the doctor's office called me twice. They wanted to tell me that they were sending me a copy of my scan, it was within "normal variant", but that I would see something. This worries me. First, I had and have had really bad migraines for a long time. About a month ago I had one and then had slurred speach for 4-5 days afterwards. Which is why I got an MRI. Second, I know that I'm not going to die today and that I don't have a brain tumor, but what does "normal variant" mean? I assume it is within normal range for whatever they saw, but it could mean that it was normal to see that, because of what happened. Third, do they really think that I could read a scan? They were very insistent on me calling them back. Which is why I'm wierded out. I don't go back for two more weeks. Can you shed some light on the subject?

A variant is a medical term for a variation or slight difference in peoples brain anatomy that is still considered normal as opposed to abnormal - it is just a feature of our individuality in the general population.

Probably nothing to worry about. Call your doctor back if you haven't yet.

It is not unusual for a patient to receive a copy of the scan. Most people keep copies of their own medical records. If you don't then this is a good time to start.

I have copies of all my own MRI's...I have them done every year. There are "abnormalities" on my scans because I've had brain surgery and have titanium plates and screws in my skull where I was put back together. Not too big a deal...see, I can still type.

Believe me, if they had found anything really scary on your MRI, they would not have let you leave immediately after having the scan done.

Good luck.

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