My bf promised he would obtain stale the weed and ultimate hours of darkness he have some and wondered why i be disappointed...?

how can i help him achieve off it? he have been smoking it for several years very soon and hes findin it very complicated. hes done well until in a minute but i want to help him cos hes sed he doesnt wanna do it anymore but is more addicted to the glorious than he first thought. this is not the 1st time he has tried to quit and is alright until 1 of his friends intervenes. this friend will dance to any lengths to annoy me and provoke a spontaneous effect, last hours of darkness being the prime example.

any suggestions are reaction! i just wanna pass him all the support he desires.

You seem approaching you have a obedient head on your shoulders. Weed is not the answer. It appears that your boyfriend does want to quit, but the addiction is interfering near his goal.

There are a few option you could try:
1. Constantly remind your bf about the desire he set for himself--to stop smoking weed.
2. When your bf does not smoke weed or turns it away, when offered the opportunity, praise him for it.
3. Suggest that your bf associate with other friends and see his 'weed' friends smaller amount and less. It is easier for a unpromising person to influence a honourable person, next a good human being to influence a bad party. By taking away his friends who similar to weed, he will be more likely to stick to his aim to quit.
4. Help him plan a better life--maybe going to school/doing well surrounded by school, or getting a honest job, etc. When positive goal are set, it gives someone something to work towards.
5. After a perfect, solid try of this, if your bf doesn't change, consequently maybe it would be best to verbs. You do not want someone with this way interfering with your duration ambitions.

Good Luck!
Dump the idiot.
you cant make anyone find off of any drug. if you want a bf who is not on weed i suggest you find a topical one. put him in a drug detox place, they own those.
Dependency can be a tricky thing. I own never been dependent on weed, but I own with smoking, alcohol, and caffeine. The put somebody through the mill to ask yourself is, is he worth the disappointment? If he is, he needs to brand a choice, his friends or you. Tell him to learn from footballs "Pacman Jones" and ditch the bleak influences in his go.
Let the guy smoke! It's good for you :D
My boyfriend at the time (which is in a minute my husband) used to do drugs also. I got beside him knowing that and hoping he would stop one day. He is a wonderful individual outside of the drugs but it took him months to stop. I finally told him that he had to choose between me and the drugs. The morning I told him that was the time he stopped. He was within the same situation. His friends be always urging him to do it. He finally stopped and immediately he is the best husband in the world. We enjoy been together presently for almost 3 years and he is my best friend.
If he thinks you are worth it, I would recount him to choose.
You can't stay with a individual forever that does drugs.
We were together for going on for 6 months when I finally gave him the choice.

I hope I help.
Good luck!
Since you are female, I would see the living **** out of your boyfriends friend. Nobody is gonna even dream of doing anything to you because you are female. As for your boyfriend, since he have been smoking that for 7 years I would cut him A LOT of slack as that stuff is enormously very complex to get rotten. I have have so many relatives who I know try to get of it and they cant, so I would forget roughly being disapointed and try to comfort in ANY possible means of access. And I do mean ANY, passageway.
He will only quit when he requirements to, which may be never.

If he truely wants to quit he will own to dump all familiy member and friends whom engage within this activity. As beside any addiction it will be nearly impossible to stop when surrounded by others who participate surrounded by that type of activity.

Some individuals believe they can stop and keep hold of the friends they have. It doesn't other work. The temtation is to great.

My aunt had a drinking problem. She stopped going to bar but she is married to a man who will not quit. It took her many years of slipping until that time she got a feel on it.

She is the only one that I know that be able to quit and still save her friend. (husband) For her she felt she couldn't merely end a bridal, but I am positive is she would have be single she would of dropped everyone in her vivacity whom drinks.

I can tell you from personal experience that probability are he won't quit. He is probably dependent on it. (I am depressed, smoke a joint.) (I have a long day, smoke a joint) (I'm stressed out, smoke a shared.)

Oh and if you stick around and you ask him if he bought any he may reply no. Then your next cross-examine should be "Did you smoke any?" He may or may not be honest.

I had a boyfriend that be good roughly trying to get around question. I would ask did you buy any? He would reply no. So I would accept that as if he didn't hold any. Then I got smart and started probing. I would start asking if he smoked any today, yesterday the concluding two weeks. How much did you smoke? He would repley one. Ok well I want to know one cohesive or one bag?

For your own mind I wouldn't stick around but if you choose to do so, don't be afraid to ask questions.
I agree near JC. There's nothing wrong near smoking a J to take the stomach-ache away. Let the dude smoke!

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