What do Tramadol pills look like?

I just received an order of Tramadol 50mg pills from an online pharmacy. I just want to verify that they are the real thing (from appearance). They are small white oval pills that have "377" imprinted on one side of them. Is this what Tramadol is supposed to look like?

PS: I have no reason to suspect I am being ripped off. I have heard many good things about the company I purchased the meds from. I'm just double checking.

Yes that is what a real 50mg Tramadol pill looks like.
I am not sure about the 377, but they are very small flat white pills with the slit in the middle for cutting them in half. Trust me, you;ll know when you take them if they are the real things, they will knock you out!!!!
Name That Pill! I just love this game.

Call poison control, they will verify what the pill is.

And for gods sake don't call a pharmacy and ask them to play Name That Pill. It's illegal for them to tell you anything like that over the phone.
Take a look: http://search2.drugs.com/images.php...
Go directly to a pharmacy and have them verify the pills. Don't depend on answers from Yahoo Q&A.
The drug identification website verifies the 377 but there is no picture available.
oval or round????...i was prescribed the same dosage as you i had to take two a nite and had to stop after the 1st nite coz i got really bad side effects..which they warned me about ..id would rather suffer pain than take them again
It depends on the manufacturer. Some are round, oblong and oval. NEVER buy pills from an online pharmacy. Most ARE rip-offs. Call your local pharmacy and describe the pills to them. They will confirm that you have the right medication. In the meantime, don't take any until you know.

I have to tell you in my experience, the people who buy online medications are drug addicts who do not have valid prescriptions. Otherwise....you would just take the script to your local pharmacy and get it filled. The DEA watches these online pharmacies and if you got something illegally....you ARE going to get caught. I wouldn't want to be you if that's the case. When you least expect it, the police will arrest you.

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