Am i adjectives myself?

i dont no if this is consiered cutting myself but i use the bonding agent u use to glue forge nails to material ones glueing my fingers together then ripping them apart i dont bleed but it can really hurt

Ok, explicitly not cutting. But it could be self-injury if you are doing it for reason considered below in the join.
Do you enjoy the throbbing? Does it comfort you somehow?
This isn't cutting yourself, adjectives yourself is taking a razor or any type of sharp intention to harm your body. You may be trying to motive your self pain though
thats not adjectives at all!! if you do it basically for the pain, consequently you should talk to someone nearly your stress or problems like a close friend or domestic member. i wouldnt walk to a counseler. sometimes friends and family can assist you better than a counseler. how do you spell counseler??!? lol

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