Alright, I am 14 and my doctor said..?

..said that my parents must abide by the law that I be surrounded by a booster seat. I go in for a physical and stand 53'' high-ceilinged and weigh 65 pounds and am very well.
Being that I am good and tough and wouldn't get hurt, do I even involve to be in a booster form afterall? I will go detail my parents to throw it away because ALL my friends are out of one, and my 8 yr old friend is even out of one. Already! "come on!"

By canon, you don't have to be surrounded by one...the law for Washington state say younger than 8 years or taller than 4'9", not both. It might be safer for you, just depends. My five year weak is already out of a booster seat...she's 46" and the law are different here in Texas.

Maybe if you show your parents the tenet they will understand it. It's possible, too, that the doctor didn't fully construe the law, since it's so hot. Another thing that might backing would be to show your parents that your knees bend naturally at the perimeter of the seat, and that the shoulder belt hits you contained by the right place...if they do on my 5 year old, I'm sure they do on you too...and it would show your parents that you do fit undamagingly in the form.

You should still be riding in the rear legs seat of the vehicle whenever possible, though.
sucks to be you
what does the law in actuality say? Your dr should know how to let your parents know that you no longer requirement a seat.
Uhm... hm.. Well.. 65 pounds is markedly thin and frail, not to mention you are terribly short. (Do you mean 53 inches, or 5 foot 3 inches?) So I really focus booster seats are so airbags don't decapitate/kill you.
So try getting taller, of getting some other information on it. I'm not sure, sorry.
the ruling states that if you are either 4'8" high-ceilinged, or older than 7 you can be out of a booster form so i would throw the seat out. i can interpret that that is pretty embarassing
I've get to say is that I would be pretty feeling shame to sit in a booster form at age 14. Maybe you should gain some weight or somthing. I'm sorry you enjoy to go through this.
by decree, anyone under 90lbs contained by my state have to be within a booster seat. im not sure what the law are like within your area so mabey you should check within that, now. the certainty that you are fourteen, i dont think that you should be within one because you know what to do. and your very skinny:]
lol get through more
wow thats embarrasing, and ridiculous. Why doesn't your stupid doctor recommend a bubble to keep you locked while he's at it. And your 14. not a baby.
Okay. Seriously. You should be antediluvian enough to sit within the seat by yourself. Lol, I construe. Um, he said that it is the law?

Check that, and if he is correct, afterwards missy, meh.. bummer. *_*
If you need to be surrounded by one under the canon, you need to be surrounded by one. If you weren't and something happened and you be hurt, your parents would get contained by big trouble for child endangerment. It may embarass you; but, it could save your natural life and the well one and happiness of your parents.
It have to do with the form belt, it can literally kill you and have killed kids that are smaller/lighter contained by weight.

I reckon this is something you need to seriously discuss next to your parents. Be reasonable and try to work this out.
Here is the booster form law for your state:

I suppose your doctor is mistaken. The best way to bring it straight is to check with the MVA. Perhaps the doctor should stick to prescription and leave the form belt laws to those who are elected to uphold them.
Wow, where on earth do you live? I would sit in the posterior if I was you to avoid injury. But, I'm also short and I hold a small frame and I drive. I wouldn't sit in a motor seat though, merely sit in the spinal column or if the seat belt fits you inappropriately, sit on a pillow, or a cushion.

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