Anxiety Attacks?

In the past I enjoy had them. My heart pulse really fast & I feel like I be dying.
Today I had where on earth I felt dizzy & sick, like I be going to pass out...It be stress related because once someone mentioned that it might be & I talked in the order of it, I felt a bit better.
Could this own been another Anxiety attack? Or does it nouns more like High Blood pressure?

I quality this way profusely and I think it is anxiety.
Sometimes, I be aware of like I'm going to collapse within tears because too much is happenin'
I'm selling my house (well, trying), kid is going 2 college, my dog's supposed to be euthanized, I'm in treatment at Cleveland Clinic and resourcefully, I just turned 50. Oh, I forgot,
my husband have 2 quit his job, lost adjectives his retirement and uh.let's see, I just lost 3 member of my family.
GOD, that feel good to carry it out of me..
My brother had that and go to the doctor. It was an anxiety attack. It would not hurt to draw from your blood pressure checked though.
sounds like an anxeity attack. Did something terrible/traumatic come about in your historic? Theres usually an underlying reason.
Go to a angelic doctor who can help you,, nought else will cure that.
I would not take prescription drugs for anxiety attacks, i believe a good psychotherapist works better,,
Prozac, a very utilitous drug, will probably work wonders for you when coupled near light psychiatric help if you're having anxiety attacks.

Yes in that is usually an underlying problem causing them and are across the world mental.
Anxiety Attack, You should try to see a doc now formerly it gets epidemic. I let mine acquire out of control and very soon when i have them i obtain a lot of nausea and the emotion of "losing it" and dont eat for days, i dont even seize the rapid heart pulse anymore. Anxiety can come with abundantly of different symptoms. A doctor can do the whole physical though and rule out any other problems.
Anxiety attacks are rather ridiculous to me; I know in todays, "we adjectives have to be on a medication for some mental problem world" its not cool to say aloud what I'm saying. Everyone is a martyr.

We have a tremendously spoiled culture and people give the impression of being to not be able to bar even the smallest of things. This isnt' a disease it's a state of mind. Drugs will mask it but it doesn't concord with anything. Before counseling be important, presently the insurance companies and drug companies rule the world and they give you a drug and distribute you on your way.

Dr. Phil have a show about anxiety attacks and out of the 10 folks he dealt next to, after counseling they were adjectives off medication. Anxiety attacks are all surrounded by someones head. You should see a doctor for HBP and if it isn't that you should aim counseling. Anxiety attacks are about not man able to switch things so you need to swot up how to handle things.

Asking around HBP to is a little crazy and make me anxious. See a doctor in soul. Good luck!
anxiety attacks are different for everyone, for me when i get anxious i cant reason, time flashes, i think of impossible memories, and i sweat...for my friend when he gets anxious he starts counting things.

they are frightful...i hate them. you can chat to a doctor about it, but be sure to look at herbal and meditational remedies first.
It could be anxiety. but anxiety usually feel closer to a heart attack. Dizzy and kinda sick just sounds resembling low blood sugar. Start carrying some almonds in your purse. Eat one or two every hour or so. That might sustain. You can get one of those portable blood pressure guages, but they are expensive. If you own had anxiety attacks surrounded by the past you would KNOW if you have another one, becuase they are freaking aweful! lol. Also, drink more water. Good luck!!
It sounds similar to it may have be another anxiety attack. I would check with your doctor to create sure. Anxiety attacks can raise your blood pressure also.
i devise wht hapened to u today waz not atall gud but its not an anviety attack ,
i think its due to lofty or low blood pressure it happens to my mom also.purely eat something resembling fruits or anything which is free frm sugar,oil nd yes it shuld contain different vitamins best wuld be apple.
nd plz also jump for a check up to doc
my wishes r for u

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