I took a drug audition and meth be present.Idont do it but I be taking advil and claritin.what should i do?

I was taking the assessment for pre-employment and I was sick taking those other medicine. What can I do now? I do not do meth. Most promising my job opportunity is ruined for taking OTC? I have need of help.

You should other tell them when you enjoy taken ibuprofen when they ask what otc meds you have have recently.

My cousin tested positive for EVERY drug they have on there... Lsd, pot, coke, etc. It be ridiculous. She had taken ibuprofen & a prescription headache reliever. She is not a drug user & was not afterwards.

It screws those test up badly.

This answer at google.com shows a extraordinarily long list of drugs that basis false positives. when you click it, scroll down to the answerer's response.
i would recommend praying. thats bout the only entity to do
Where u taking anything with pseudophedrine within it? That may have cause the result. If so u can tell them what u be taking. If not I would ask to retest.
Neither Advil or Claritin are amphetamines, which is what the test detected. Hope you weren't counting on those for a means of access out.
tell them you own been taking the other stuff for your harms
should always be upfront
First you would hold to prove that the combo of the drugs in your system cause you to fail your audition. I would talk to your doctor and ask him to relieve you figure it out. Maybe if he writes you some sort striking, or if you can find something in a medical magazine that proves it, they will give you another destiny!
the ingredient in making crystal meth is found within most headach or cold medicines. drug deaers exract this ingredient. google this
sorry unless you recount the people this and they believe you nil will help but prayer
Didn't they own you fill out a form first stating what benevolent of medicines you have taken that day? That's usually standard. You can try to plead your covering to the administrator or human resources department, but they may not believe you or may have already contacted their #2 choice for the living.

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