An Itch...!?

Have you ever gottan and itch on your knuckle.. or a place where its itching and you cant find the exact location.. of the itch and it basically makes you wacky.. !

Now that you bring it up, you're actually right. Like sometimes you hold a scratch on your foot and afterwards the next hours of daylight you see the mosquito bite that wasn't there. And itches on your elbow are the weirdest!!
Yes!! This happen to me all the time! Put some Gold Bond cream where on earth you think the itch is, it should progress away. If not, scratch the nouns with a quill brush, you'll soon find out where it is coming from. Regards-Bob.
Yep... It's usually on my forearm, hand or fingers. You try to scratch it but ya can't pretty find it because it's really kinds reflective inside. I think that it's a bottle or something..Just another one of those strange things that tend to happen to me.. LOL !

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