Actimel, are they pious or discouraging?

2 mths ago my 2 kids age 4 and 7 had a exceedingly bad tummy bug and diahorra which the 4 year outmoded went into the hospital. He have rotavirus. I was told (by my sister within law who swear by it) that i should grant them actimel as it would be good for the them to prevents any more tummy bugs. Since next they keep getting the tummy bug and diahorra (3 times) By any accidental would it be the actimal is making them worse?
They used to eat yogurts but i stopped that and instead they drink 1 actimal a afternoon otherwise they eat heathly ample
Proper answers please

There is a TINY bit of evidence that it is better than placebo, but is is difficult to justify the cost of disappearing a family on it long possession in the lighting of this minimal effect.
Maybe they have a sensitivity or are allergic to dairy products? Try adjectives down on dairy stuff and see how they go.
I've tried Actimel and I notice no difference.
lets obverse it ,if they say it is apt for you people will buy it even though it may be total crap.relatives buy anything today .
Those yogurt drinks are meant to prove your body's ramparts but in this grip they may not be doing much good. The best type of yogurt you could confer your kids is natural bio-yogurt. It is brilliant for the body. I have it everyday when i had Glandular Fever and it really did take home my better and help me rest a lot quicker once i begin taking it. Even if you sweeten it with honey it's the best entry. Yeo Valley is a good sort...Try it instead. And also vitamins are needed for good vigour, taken in vegetables and fruit or through tablets (C, B and fish oil are most important) good luck.
i don't have an idea that actimel is for children i dont know am 33 and i wouldnt drink it, dont forget actimel is for the digestive systam and is soposed to help your bowls move natrally but here bellys are only small and i regard you shouldnt naturl friut and veg and natural yougart is tremendously good
i mull over the amount of actimel you need to steal to get the benefit spoken of on hype is about 100 times what anyone if truth be told takes. they don't mention that on the ad though.
Actimel or probiotics have a glorious concentration of sugar and they are not benifical at all to most associates.
The reason ethnic group take them is because they own probiotics that help essential bowel flora next to a supposedly regular top up. If your kids are on a healthy diet they really don't requirement them all the time, probably do presently as they've been unwell!
Trouble is that we may obligation some help after condition or anti biotics which kill both dutiful and bad germs, but stomach acid breaks down these drinks really effectively. If you touch they need the help out you would be better giving them probiotics in tablet formwhich generally contain oodles more of the bacteria, enjoy some protection from the stomach acid and will cost you around partially as much.
Still, remember the best way to hold healthy kids is to contribute them a healthy diet and incorporate these supplements if and when you need to. Of course, I utter healthy diet but there's no point mortal healthy if there's no smiling so some treats have to be at hand too.

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