Anti smoking gum?

What are the dangers if any, of continuing to chew an anti smoking gum over a long time of time.

well if your not smoking than here is really no point in haing it besides it doesn't nibble that great
Jaw ache, but it taste disgusting how can you chew it?
My mates wife is in a minute addicted to it, costs her a fortune but I suppose she won't get lung cancer.
Mouth and throat cancer but that can't be any worse than lung cancer, I simply stop if I were you. Read the Alan Carr book I did and stopped 2 yrs ago near no b/s replacement therapy.
Good luck x
You could become addicted to the nicotine surrounded by the gum and yes it tastes unpromising (although personal preference there).

However, nicotine doesn't wreak cancer so if you are going to be addicted to nicotine better that it is in a gum than contained by a cancer causing cigarette
i've hear its just as addictive as smoking
i would right to be heard you would only bring back jaw tenderness. anti smoking gum is made to help so if it have any side affects i doubt they would put it on the market.
The gum contains nicotine, close to cigarettes, but no tar to inhale and produce lung wrong. It is certainly consequently much safer than smoking. There are some minor side effects, but I don't believe there are any long possession safety issues.

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