7th level physical? what do they do?

can someone plz tell me so i know what they do? i am terrifyed of needles, dont resembling certain parts of me looked at [[u know what ones im sure]] and am really abnormal about my height/weight. so what will they do?

What they do for every physical-- check your weight/height, ask a few puberty question. Theyll check your stomach, blood pressure, heartbeat, etc. They may ask to see stuff, I'm not sure. The shots depend on what your school requires, but within probably will be a few, sorry.
you 'll be immunized unless you can catch a waiver. They will check your weight , distance from the ground, eyes and ask you if you have any physical hard times, such as running, bending, stooping...etc.

It takes in the region of 30 minutes or less.
they check your loftiness they check your mouth,throat,ears,eyes,nose your heart,pulse,stomaqe,skin,collar,... weight body flab wrist,hand,elbowhip,foot,knees and reflexxas. thats all they check dont verbs about a item because i used to worry more or less physicals to but it goes bye really express it only take about 15min thats it nil to worry around.they dont give you shots unless you want one for the flu or somthing

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