My dad is losing his audible range and is on a set income. Is near any place out at hand that can comfort him?

He has Medicare and Medicaid, but respectively place we've looked, they want 1500.00 or more upfront. We can't afford that and with him man a terminally ill forgiving, I want him to be able to hear his grandchildrens fun as long as he can. Please help!

What state are you surrounded by?

Hi I don't know exactly what county you're in, but I be researching online, and this group that I found is a senior advocacy group. Please contact them, they will be able to give support to you, or at the very least possible direct you to a group in your nouns that can.

If you need anything else, please e-mail me.


2601 Highland Avenue South

Birmingham, AL 35205

Phone: 205-325-1416

Purpose: Designated nouns agency on aging under Older Americans Act. Advocacy, planning, coordination and completing of services for the elderly.

Services: Administrative and coordination of activities for Eldergarden, individual and issues advocacy, long-term safekeeping ombudsman, coordinate CARTS, OSCA Review, needs assessment and Senior Aides programs.

Eligibility: Age 60 and over

Area Served: Jefferson County. Call for catalogue of all Senior Gardens.
stinks the do not carry hearing aids on govt plans. specifically a bad piece.
so sorry.
get a work and help him settle up for it
St VIncent De Paul Society, or maybe they can permit you know of other places.

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