Anyone on here get ms and on avonex i am do u carry sideeffects and how long till the travel for angelic?

my dad is on the avonex.. he's been on it for 7 or 8 years very soon. I know he ussually feels for a moment "fluish" the day after his shot. I dont have a sneaking suspicion that the side affects hit him as hard tho as when he first started the avonex.
Hi, I be diagnosed this year with MS. Started Avonex in the region of 1 month ago. My side effects are pretty much like have the flu, but 10 times worse. I hurt head to toe and not a soul can touch me, get a confusion and bad chills. Some weeks are worse than other and this bygone shot my fifth I had no symptoms at adjectives. The day after my leg be sore where the shot be which had never happen before. They articulate that side effects should get easier and almost gone in 3 months. I know I am new, but if this bygone shot was anything close to the future, it get easier. I hope you are doing well and I hope everything get easier for you as time passes.
My Brother died not long from MS it's not easy to cope beside his side effects were doomed to failure colds flu symtoms and their is no known cure for MS my brother be diagnosed 3yr ago and died May 20th 2007 I will never forget him . I just hope you savour the rest of your time you have..

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