Thank You card?

Should I make a Thank You card to my rheumy? I've just this minute been diagnosed near an early form of inflammatory arthritis and I've show much upsurge under his keeping. Have anyone ever sent a Thank You card to their doctors before? Should I transport it by mail or present it to him personally on the subsequent visit? I hold kinda a crush on him so I think I would quality rather cheesy and shy if I be to give it to him intuitively but would it be weird if I sent it by correspondence?

I have worked contained by doctors offices and they are other appreciative of a nice thank-you note.

It is more appropriate to truly use good behind the times snail mail for such a card.

(Don't mention the crush though, that would be cheesy.)

Many doctors enjoy patients who develop crushes on them, it's a known certainty.

Many people within the medical profession work long hours and any extra thank you is greatly appreciated.

Have a great day, and congratulations on finding a loyal doctor that is competent to help you next to your arthritis.
send by post
It would not be weird and plentiful physicians appreciate a thank you. I have sent them up to that time. Do mail it. I wouldn't mention the crush, though. :)
If you don't surface comfortable thanking him surrounded by person after I think it would be fine to dispatch a thank you card in the messages. It is a nice gesture.
Mail it and helpful of make it to the entire department [chances are he won't open his own mail]
Go on, dispatch it! Whacha waitin' for?
no, it is there errand

but you can let him know your appreciation by basically talking to him
For me, I will generally sent my doctors 'thank you' and Season cards. After my dad's operation, I gave a card intuitively to his doctor and he felt so unpromising because at that time his condition was not too moral, but later when my dad recovered completely and during his checkups he tend to be very nice.

This is the simply way we can show our appreciation, so shift ahead and send, by post or in creature it does not matter.

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