10 bottles of sea and wet intoxication????

ok yesterday i drank 10 bottles of water and feel fine .. im going to do the same today but relatives are saying i could bring water intoxication .. dont you enjoy to drink a lot morethan 10 bottles? .. i started at approaching 12:30 this afternoon and i'll have dranken the 10 botttles conceivably 11 by 1 or 2am .. im not drinking it all at once .. is this okay?

How big are the bottles?

The reality that you are drinking throughout the day should be fine -- you should also be going to the bathroom a great deal, though

It's when the body can't process the water (when you drink too much within too little time) that it becomes an issue. So please be sure to allow time for the body to process the fluid you are drinking.
as long as you be aware of fine then it is fine. it's gotta verbs your body out pretty well though!
drinking hose down is ok but too much cannot, by drinkn alot of water be paid you pee alot right?? yes it does, and when you pee, you pee out body toxcins and other stuff, but when you start peen too much you pee out essential minerals and nutrients that your body needs, acquire my drift. all you have need of is 8 8 oz glasses a daytime
LOL 10 bottles. 6-8 cups of water each day are recommended, not 8 bottles. and drank 10 bottles!!. lol. i dont know how you could do it. did you force yourself to drink that much? 10 bottles surely is too much for 1 day.
For most ancestors, ten bottles of water should be fine. Water intoxication is extraordinary and is usually seen within instances where empire drink large quantity of water contained by short periods of time-such as running a impressive or binge drinking some type of liquid. It is not basically the amount of water that cause the imbalance, it is electrolytes. Are you consumption a healthy suspended diet or are you fasting? Are you taking diet pills or trying to drop consignment fast?

If you cogitate you are excessively thirsty, you may want to get your blood sugar tested. If you are drinking greatly of salt or caffiene, it may be making you immensely thirsty.

Why do you say you intend to keep hold of drinking the 10 bottles a day? It sounds resembling you have some sort of plan...drinking marine is usually a good item unless you have a medical condition which requires you to hamper intake.
yeah thats fine...as long as your not drinking it
all at once .if you drank more consequently that
in short length of time
you would probably drown your blood in hose down
or just hold diareeha
too much of anything can kill you

I drink nearly two gallons of marine a day and I am fine.
Sissy's what the hell are you chitchat about dampen intox?
Would John Wayne ask this question
You should really be cautious with adjectives the water you are drinking. I work contained by a mental health facility and our patients achieve water "drunk" adjectives the time. It flushes electrolytes and other important chemicals out of your system cause you to eventually feel dizzy, sick, and basically drunk. It is flawless to drink water, but you entail to cut back to in the region of 8 glasses a afternoon. The first day, you will perceive fine, but continue and eventually your in one piece system will be out of whack. Maybe you should consult your doctor and get a medical inference on this.
Thats a lot of wet, i dont see the piont in drinking it adjectives, but hey maybe your thristy. I dont suppose it can really hurt you, just clear sure you can get to a bathroom whenver you own to. They say you call for 8 cups a day, but thats a bs number because i didnt come out until american companys started botteling hose down. Although water is a polite way to lose substance, and it would clean out your system, drinking that much process your lacking on and milk (unless you still drink it). Just rember dampen is fine but its in no course a substitute for dairy.

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