Do I eve own a cold? I own no green mucus from my proboscis but enjoy other symtoms. (read more)?

Stuffy nose, but no gluey mucus coming out. Not coughing but yesterday my head feel congested around the nasal area. Sore throat. I also discern very thirsty as my mouth is baked. Also felt a bit tired and not wanting to do work, so I took times past 2 days off. I don't or didn't own a fever, but I hear a fever doesn't other accompany a cold.

Someone said that it isn't a cold unless green mucus is coming out of your antenna. So, what do I have? I woke up one morning after I have the fan on for a moment to high pointing towards me. I have symptoms for 2 days or so and today is day 3, no runny muzzle or sore throat but still parched mouth. One of my brother's friends said he be sick recently and visit the house a few days before my symptoms started.

We get A/C installed about a week and a partly ago and maybe it's because the relative humidity is lower so I have a feeling the need to drink? Allergies? Hay confusion?

Probably 1 of three things
1) cold virus...rhino virus. you probably wouldn't see green things from ur nose. Nothing to do but hang about it out.
2) bacterial probably would see some green stuff. Then pending on how unpromising it is or other risk factors...I don`t know antibiotics.
3) allergies...It is summer time where I'm at and my allergies flare up occasionally...lug an antihistamine and maybe some tylenol. My allergies can receive wicked to where on earth I really feel sick.

If I be to take a in their natural habitat guess I'm thinking you caught a cold virus...u should be over it soon tho (2 days).
sounds like could own had some spores surrounded by your air conditioner that be dormant from last year...
wake up with symptoms such as runny muzzle, sore throat and nasal congestion without the presence of a disorientation or signs of infection like green mucous sounds close to allergies. That combined with the reality that you feel worse when wake up as opposed to then in the daylight leads me to the ask of "is she allergic to her bed?" Sounds to me like dust mite alergies, dust mites and the squander that they leave down is the world wide governing cause of household allergic symptoms. I would suggest the following course of behaviour.
1. Go visit an allergist or a primary attention doctor and ask for a skin patch test to see what you are allergic to.
2. If your audition comes back positive for dust mite allergies encase your mattress and pillows near allergy covers with a pore size of no more than 1 micron.

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