About women in direct ground combat positions?

If women or are you women in the military, willing to do the same Physical Fitness Test as men, all the same requirements, no difference what so ever, are you willing to integrated with men throughout boot camp, then go to the same Infanry School, shower with them, carry 70 pound pack or more like they, be out in a hot zone with them, be able to relieve urself in front of them when they are no latrines, be able to hual more then your weight, be stinking with them away from hygeine, being able to hundle for body warmth, and anything else that men do in Infantry, do everything the same. Now ladies could you do that or believe can or cant and why or why not?
And Males would you accept these women in that position if they can do everything a man does?

It seems you ask questions and then answer them yourself... (?)

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