Adrenaline,just a few questions?

Ok i got a few questions regaurding adrenaline:

1)Is it possible to control your adrenaline,and use it at any given moment,and how?

2)When i use adrenaline i seem to be able to take on alot of people with ease,seems like my adrenal glands are producing more adrenaline then normal,is this berserker (an adrenaline disorder)?

3)are there any good fighting techniques out there that use adrenaline,and where can i find them?

Thxxx in advance.

1) Adrenaline is a hormone that is secreted in the 'fight or flight' response. This is part of your autonomous nervous system which you have no control over, it's all part of your subconcious in effect. So you would not be able to control this.

2) When your body experiences something that could be seen as a threat, your body prepares you to 'fight or "fly"'. When adrenaline is released from your adrenal glands, more blood and glucose is redirected from less important parts of the body, i.e. digestive system, and is redirected to the brain and the skeletal muscles. This would probably explain you wondering why you can 'take on a lot of people with ease'.

3) I am pretty sure that in any fight, your body would secrete adrenaline to prepare your body to oppose the threat, so I wouldn't say that there are any good fighting techniques that use adrenaline, especially seeing as you cannot control it's release.

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