Am i going to die?

i just took a handfull of pills of my friends pills and drank a significant coffee , and i just found out they be adderal , then my friend give me some LSD to calm me down , and presently hes giving me these strange blue oval shaped pills . He said they were muscle relaxers and theyd work w/ the lsd to sustain me stay calm. I mull over its working but my heart is beating realy prompt . what do i do ?

You still type fairly very well, but if your heart is pounding, that can lead to adjectives sorts of strokes anywhere in your body, not to mention you could blow a hole within a major artery or within your heart itself. It has happen to some athletes. I would try to puke all that stuff up and procure to an emergency room while you still have time.I am serious something like this.
You've taken a number of remarkably serious drugs. these could be endangering your strength and your life severly!
your friend is an idiot for giving you those and you're silly for taking them!
i'd progress to the emergency room... od symptoms can onset totally fast... and near them all mixed, they might act in response with one another. Good luck!
step to da hospital!
I don't believe you! How could you be able to type a message after adjectives of that?
You and your friend are both idiots - you DON"T take any pills if you don't know what they are! Prescription or not!
Go to the emergency room, presently. LSD doesn't necessarily calm you down, it could brand the Adderal effects worse! And then you rob even more?!?
Find a sober person or an ambulance, and GO!
You want to go to the ER.
Considering the unbelievably lethal combination of drugs you of late claimed to have taken you come across pretty coherent. I've done black cocktails before and woke up contained by the hospital 2 days later single to hear all the stupid things I said and did up to that time I blacked out. I don't recall anyone have told me that my speech and spelling was righteous considering the drugs I just put within my body. So if this is true and your still with this world, I'd clutch a half gallon of milk and manager to the emergency ASAP!
Go to the emergency room... DON'T DRIVE, have somebody drive you within.. * somebody that didn't take any pills *

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