Anyone else get "Flu" from forced abstinance of nicotine?

The company i work for will not allow it's night shift troop any place to smoke. We are not allowed stale premises for "security reasons", and are given salaried breaks to compensate.

We have only just about get round to accepting this and after a week I seem to enjoy contracted Flu like symptoms.

I own read that this can be part of the Nicotine withdrawl process, problem is I still smoke up to that time and after my shift, all be smoke smaller amount but I am still smoking.

Anyone else going through Flu symptoms when quitting?

This happened to me 3 weeks ago. I be a 20 pack a day man, until I combined a gym. For the first two weeks, I was coughing up a severe amount of black phlegm, but it seem to have cleared itself up. I don't cough from cigarettes anymore. This is common and a good piece. You're body will thank you for it.
i am in impossible to tell apart job.i jump on the roof to have a smoke.and a cup of tea.
I once give up for 18 months and i also have to jump long periods of time minus smoking (i work as cabin crew on an airline).

I haven't have this happen to me at adjectives.

I have get friends, who after giving up, have suffered from a fruitless cough for a few months, and i know that can be normal.

Perhaps this is the time for you to bequeath up?

If thats not what you want to hear, then what in the order of trying those giving up aids - the ones that you take a drag of close to a cig? Maybe that will help?

On the other appendage, perhaps as time go on your body will get used to it?

Sorry i can't be of more aid!

Good luck anyway.
As flu is a virus i would say you dont catch it from giving up smoking it is just your body getting rid of adjectives the junk surrounded by your lungs once it settles you will be ok. Most people i know who enjoy quit had a cough for a while next it went, appropriate luck.

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