Anyone have/know a child with encopresis? Need serious help!?

I've look & looked online & read everything there is to read!! I've taken my son to a gastro specialist at Childrens Hospital! Nothing's working. I cleaned him out w/ magnesium citrate & he's been on miralax for a while! Anyone know of ANYTHING that helps? Please! And if you have a child w/ encopresis, do you send him/her to school? How does the teacher/child deal w/ that? My son has a couple days a wk that he poops his pants several times or more! He's almost 7yrs. old & I just want to help him SO BAD to get over this!

Here's a forum for people dealing with encopresis. I'm sure you'll find more people that can give you first-hand experience and tips than you'll find here. I feel for you, but I haven't experienced that with either of my kids. I hope this link helps!

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