4 days surrounded by. what else is coming?

4 days meth straight cant stop scratching im argumenative anxious depressed cant settle dont stop thinking paranoid moody. is anything else gonna hit? how long till i can function as a rule ?

If you don't stop you will never function properly because you will eventually die. Not trying to sound so grating about it, but do you even realize the chemicals that you are putting into your body?
I believe I misunderstood the put somebody through the mill. Are you trying to quit using meth ? If so, I am terribly sorry for my answer and want to impart you a big thumbs up for doing something that I know is a hard road to endeavour down. If you are still using, please take into cosideration the chemicals that are surrounded by meth and try to stop. There are so many organization out there that will comfort you and I, for one, am willing to run the extra mile to help you find them!! Good Luck!
never done meth bitter takes a couple of days though
if you are coming rotten of meth you really should seek professional back. i hear that withdrawl can be living hell. if you are currently on meth then you necessitate to get sour of it now! it will ruin your teeth and your existence! its a horrible drug! get some abet either path! good luck to you!
try to relax more it should do u some worthy

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