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hi... my throat has be hurting me for the last few days and i didn't suggest anything of it. but, when i looked down my throat with a flashlight, i saw a big red reckless above my tonsils. a day subsequently the rash is noticabley larger. does this tight i have strep throat?? the doctors are closed on sundays and i enjoy a busy week ahead! help =( ( i suggest the rash is also rather on the little red dangley thing, which i scholarly isn't your actualu tonsil)
i dont know if its actually call a rash, but its made up of alot of little bright red dots. =(

Usually a entity who has strep throat have severe throat pain, the throat is fundamentally red, swollen and has white spots on the tonsils and usually a disorientation and bad breath. your tongue resembles the skin of a strawberry. What you describe sounds close to sinus drainage or allergies. Should you ignore this? NO. There are throat swabs that check for strep and takes something like 2 minutes, at the urgent care center or doctor department. Is this an emergency, No. However, if you start having difficulty breathing and swallowing and you want to drool because you cannot swallow, walk to the ER. You can gargle with heat up salt hose down to help beside the pain and bring Tylenol or Motrin if you are not allergic to them. GOOD Luck.
You need to walk to urgent care or ER and achieve this checked out. There are docs that work on Sunday so that is not an excuse. Yes this sounds close to some kind of infection so turn see a doc now as the sooner you go and get it checked out the sooner you can get it treated if it is something.
You enjoy what are called pettichiae, which are small red dots on your uvula, the little dangling entry in the throat. SO yes, you could hold strep, which is highly contagious.
There is an in-office exam for strep, which can help surrounded by diagnosis, but you need to pop in a clinic. You can go to an urgent prudence center, which is open even on weekends, (look them up by putting 'urgent keeping center and your zip surrounded by google')
In any case, you don't want to be exposing anyone else to your disease. Strep infections can adversely affect children and pregnant women, so do them a favor and progress visit a clinic.
You clearly hold a viral infection of the throat I am afraid.
Visit a chemist and explain to them, they should be able to proposition you a soothing gargle to help. And slow down, you body requirements to rest, it is telling you!
Also try Ibuprofen as this will trim down the swelling and soreness.
That does seem close to an infection.

Many GP's are open on sundays, you should travel see one.
This cannot be diagnosed with out running a culture trial first to see if it is strep.

Drink plenty of fluids and take Advil or Motrin to relieve aching.
Hot Tea may help.

Strep is contagious.

You'll own to make an appointment within the morning.

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