Are banana's biddable to guzzle when I'm not sentiment 100%?

Just wondering, I've already had two and they are wadding me up a bit.
I haven't really eaten today, and I be just wondering if bananas are worthy to eat when I'm 'sick' (just get a sore throat and head feel a tiny bit heavy) and do they make you a bit 'better'?

Don't ask why I'm asking, in recent times something to do. hahaha.

Banana's are really good for you they contain profoundly of potassium and other things that will replenish you if you are coming down w/something. I wouldn't eat any more today though! For plentifully of people they wreak constipation if you over do it.
Sure, they make you perceive better if you enjoy pooping.
dont listen to the first personage who wrote here...maybe for him it made him stir, but for everyone its different. for me it actually help when i have soft stool. not sure if it will cause u feel better, but i know two things just about them:
1) they have nutrients that give a hand relax ur muscles, so its a good food to hold at night beforehand bed
2)they are included in the bland foods u can munch through when u are sick
Maybe the below may give a guideline of the benefits of fruits and vegetables:

Apple - strengthens renal function and prevents soaring blood pressure

Grapefruit - lowers cholesterol, protects against cold and teeth bleeding

Kiwi - rich in Vit C, eliminate heat and relieves diarrhoea

Mango - prevents nausea resulting from sea-sick and aids digestion

Pineapple - Eliminates swelling and hygrosis, aids digestion, relieves sore throat

Papaya liquid - reduces food stagnation, nourish the lungs, helps digest protein

Watermelon - relieves summer roast, promotes diuresis, lowers blood pressure

Carrot - promotes secretion of gall, neutralises cholesterol

Celery - supplements body verve, relieves anxiety and stress

Banana - boosts stamina, reinforces muscles, activates blood circulation

Grape - nourish the blood, strengthens kidney and liver, aids digestion

Lemon - rich in Vit C, eliminate phlegm and cough

Orange - prevents heart disease, stroke, flu, cold and eliminates blood stasis

Honeydew - relieves summer steam, promotes production of body fluid

Strawberry - promotes diuresis, relieves diarrhoea, eliminates thirst and promotes production of body fluid

Pear - keep heart and blood vessel in moral condition, dispels body toxins

Cabbage - protects against heart disease, rheumatics and cancer

The medicine and health information post by website user , not guarantee correctness , is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment for any medical conditions.

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