Anyone know be i can achieve statistics on Orthopedic Surgery?

What's the recovery time is? How long u would stay contained by the hospital. How much therapy you would have need of. (I know alot of it depends on age).

Try running a search for the specific procedure you're interested contained by. There are too many variables to grant you an answer.
Depends on what sort of surgery. I mean stats will serve, but each human being is diffierent. What are you having done. But here seems to be this magical 10 light of day number, where the hospital want to draw from you home within that timescale. I own had moderately a few operations and know a bit in the order of this. I had spinal surgery near an expected recovery of 4-6 months. Even near MRSA, I was pay for at work in 2 1/2 months. (Admittedly a touch too soon, but only by a couple of weeks).

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