Am I a drugy?

I smoke weed everyday, and pop pills when ever I can, but its not much. I've done acid and shrooms, but I wont do meth herion or anything liek that.

Do this:


That will be the second positive step towards asking for support!

YOUR little add -on tell us all that YOU ARE addicted! to adjectives of the crap you are taking

By asking, I think you are hopefully asking for help- SEEK HELP NOW

It is ok to ask a Community -ONLY IF YOU WANT TO HEAR THE TRUTH-
its presently staring you in the frontage!

It is a serious problem and you might end up abstraction your life or putting your vigour in serious jeopardy. Seek relief.
u is a big druggie
yes you are. You need to stop it. or if you can't, turn to rehab.
Well Slick, you are. Do what you need to do but gain off the scrap.
Stop everything for a month and then you will own your answer.
A drug is a drug. You are a druggie.
duh yes you are.
Well if you do drugs you're a druggy, but not necessarily a drug addict. You appear to be in control so run ahead and have fun! It's with the sole purpose a problem when the drugs control YOU.
You have a significant problem. Don't whip yourself up or let anyone else flog you you up about it. If you are asking this cross-examine then you not merely have a problem but you certificate,(part of you doesn't want to admit it though), that you do own a problem which is a good entity, because thats how you start to get better. Go return with some help. A counselor might be a fitting start,or Narcotics Anonymous.

Best Luck to you.
I,m not going to say you are a druggy because anyone that feel like they hold a problem doesnot need to be call names. I would vote you definetly need to step hindmost and do a good self nouns. And ask yourself is this really what I want out of my life do I want to be jolly in a average way or hold false since of security from drugs? Because cheeriness is attainable from other means and not drugs. You entail to ask yourself why you do drugs, is it for the fun of it or are you not wanting to face up to some sort of problems you hold? Could it be peer pressure just running beside the wrong crowd? you can be successful and quit I,ve seen folks change year after year, please consider trying. For yourself and your ancestral.

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