Can i please own some motivational words?

Just to move my bottom and get tidyed up, sorted, write my to-do account, etc etc....

Thank you!

Hi Dark Girl.

If you need some motivation,why don't you own a shower.

It refreshes you make you fell young,fresh and well ready to rock and roll.

Go on Dark Girl attain up that shower is calling you, it is the only point that will wake you up do it you know that its true.

Don't have an idea that off anything Else shout your computer down and run.

shower,fresh,shower,fresh,show... shower,fresh,go,progress,go,Dark Girl you can do it.

Bye.see you after your shower.
gain off your ar*e you sluggish mare, and tidy up, hows that, nothing personal your proberly a lovely woman
motivational words.

no well-mannered deed go unpunished,so get to work.
i be the same exact means of access. now im really organized so GET TO WORK!!!
You know you will touch better if you actually do something. Don't spend too long on your to-do inventory, and don't put more on it than you can reasonably carry out. Motivational thoughts:
A journey of a thousand miles starts next to a single step.
Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.
A stitch contained by time saves nine.
Many hand make muted work (so enlist some help near any tough jobs)
Now - move your *** and get going!
Life hun ! how you play it is up to you your choice delight in
A Journey of a thousand miles begins beside the first step. As you take more and more steps, it begin to get easier. It is much better to be self motivated. Life is sooner or later at a time with a dream within mind.
go procure another beer/bottle of wine, open it and chill somewhat, tomorrow is a day of work, today is a sunshine of rest
My favourite clich¨¦ is "DO IT TODAY, GET IT OUT OF THE WAY"!
Agree to do things in small steps. Like right immediately, I need to do some tidying up around my house and dont quality up to it. I will let myself play on the computer for 10 minutes and after have to step into the next room (the kitchen) and spend at lowest possible 15 minutes doing chores before I can come pay for and play again. You'd be amazed if you do this how much you will get done surrounded by an hour or so.
have some fun within whot you r dowing if you r like me i enjoy a disabilerty so i dont do nuthing unles pushet by my wife try to do things for your self and f ck everyone else sorry if the speling is not right but i try to live as me .best of look .. if you can not be botherd think how it woz when you go yo your nans nothing out of placs do as your tould and you will do it contained by your own time sorrry i dot wont to up set you lov m i am a man
you are sat on an ants nest...that should receive you moving! *LOL*

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