After burn blemish?

About a month ago I got adjectives from boiling water. After the brown blisters come off, my skin be pink. Now, a month later, my skin is white. Is it going to stay white forever, or will iti budge back to my ordinary skin color?

it may take a long time.

one's i've have are gone but after a long time (like a year!)

use vitamin E.. that is wonderful for scar.
It should return to its original color, next to time. Have you ever had a blotch fall stale, and underneath it was white? It's sorta close to this. The white goes away, and the fresh skin will slowly carry some more pigmentation. If you want to speed up the process, or are really concerned, talk to a dermatologist (they should know how to answer simple questions close to this over the phone) :-)

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