After i squeeze black dot whitish-yellow substance come out?

just below my stomach theres a black dot i manage to squeeze it out.after that i tried again to see if theres any left but instead a whitish sickly substance came smells(unpleasant)..and realize the smell is indistinguishable as the "substance" that u dig out from ur toe fastener.could it be the fats?i couldnt numeral out what it is soft and solid form no liquid substance is see.

It was probably a blackhead or possibly a immensely small cyst. The whitish yellow substance is the solidified sebum to be precise naturally produced. In cysts, this substance usually have an unpleasant smell.
Nothing to be alarmed about.
lol.probably only a beefy spot
It's probably pus. Chances are, the area is infected if here is an unpleasant odor. It's a good belief to squeeze all of the pus out, though. Just spawn sure you put some antibiotic or something onto the black dot, and go to a clinic to receive it checked.
that's just the white blood cell covering the part where on earth u squeezed out that black dot. It keeps u from bleeding. I get it all over my wound when i fell past its sell-by date my skateboard and yea i know.. it doesnt smeel pleasant lol. Don't wipe the substance, it will go away on it's own, right very soon it's stopping that wound from bleeding.
It s probably a fungal infection, be careful put some alcohol on it and on your hand then hose your hands really all right, you might want to see a doctor or dermatologist for that you know, it s much better, once he ll see it maybe you ll have need of a cream, or antibiotic or maybe by squeezing on it you did everthing that be needed, just check it up, stay on the locked side it s always better!
Take nurture and good luck, hope you hold a speedy healing!

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