Are herbs, vitamins or berries actually beneficial to the skin when applied topically?

I'm referring to cosmetics or skin care products. If I eat a well-balanced diet and get nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants that way, is it really necessary to have them in my cleansing / toning / moisturizing / makeup regimen?

I seriously doubt that a significant amount of vitamins (for instance) penetrates you skin and does any good (or harm). It will usually be the fat-soluble components that have a good chance of getting in. One example is methyl salicilate ("Ben-Gay", "Deep-Heat", "Salonpas", etc., depending on where you buy them). Water-soluble active ingredients would have to be in contact with a mucous membrane (skin that is always wet, as in the mouth, anus, eyes and other orifices), for example, nitroglycerine pills that people with heart disease take.

Yes, you're better off eating the berries or lemon or cucumber, rather than putting it on your face.

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